Portfolio - Sample Presentations From International Work

Consulting - USA Laguna, CA
Laguna, CA


We conducted an organizational assessment related to organization design with Golder Associates http://www.golder.com

Juliet's role: Lead Presenter

Consulting - Costa Rica
Costa Rica
San José


We conducted an Appreciative Inquiry workshop, with Prodigious, focused on improving collaboration http://www.prodigious.com

Juliet's role: Participant Facilitator

Consulting - France
Lyon, Rhône-Alpes


We conducted an organizational assessment related to leadership transition and organization readiness at Teclis http://www.teclis-instruments.com

Juliet's role: Team Contributor

Consulting - China
Shijiazhuang, Hebei


We conducted a Future Search workshop, with Eaka365 Hotel Chain franchisers and franchisees, focused on improving collaboration http://www.eaka365.com

Juliet's role: Team Lead and Client Relationship Manager