Personal Life Mission Statement

At 85 years old, my best friend describes me as someone who always looks for a way to leave this world a better place through the relationships she has built, the children she has guided, the family she has supported, and the work she has done. She changed the world for the better in small but significant ways. She lives with an open mind, heart, soul, and is tranquil like the Dalai Lama. She continues to find adventure, love, and happiness each and every day. She has gratitude for all life, and leaves a role modeling legacy for others to follow and continues to improve the human condition. She remains deeply in love with the love of her life at her side. She continues to devote time and passion to serving others and being innovative in leaving a legacy for those that can carry the torch to do many more great things. She always looks for the best in others, celebrates the best in herself, lives with humility and kindness. She has never felt a need to stop learning about herself and continues a practice of reflecting, growing spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Her lifetime of making health and fitness a top priority shows in the strength she has today at 85. She has never let obstacles stand in her way and still sees them as opportunities. She chose the life she wanted to live and that she imagined for herself. She continues to inspire others and is a role model in living an exceptional life. She shares herself transparently, authentically, affectionately and engages with others through rich emotion. In her mother’s footsteps, she continues to live life carpe diem.